Air Quality LennoxAn air exchange system is crucial for your home. It takes the contaminated indoor air out and replaces it with the cool, clean air from the outdoors.


A key area of improvement to modern homes has been to make them more airtight so they hold onto the heat we put into them for longer. The drawback to this is that our homes need regular exchanges of air to stay healthy. Baths and showers, doing the dishes, washing machines, even breathing produces a large amount of water inside our homes. If that problem goes unchecked you’ll get problems like mold and mildew, dust mites and a greater risk of asthma. Rather than opening your window and allowing unwanted hot or cold air to enter the house, an HRV brings in fresh air without the increase in your energy bill.

Hepa Filters

Your standard furnace filter can remove some small particles but it needs to be changed frequently to avoid clogging and taxing your HVAC system. Many are also unable to filter out particles smaller than 5 microns which means that dust mites and allergens, tobacco smoke, some bacteria and dust particles can still pass through.

Hepa Filters are powerful air filters that remove 99.97% of pollutants in the air, providing your home with clean air. For many allergy and asthma sufferers, poor indoor air quality can make life unbearable. HEPA filtration can provide near instant relief, and many sufferers are pleasantly surprised by their renewed ability to breathe and sleep.
Comfort Masters’ experienced staff of professionals will install your air exchange system quickly and efficiently, so you’ll have clean, fresh air in your home in no time.