Benefits of AC Surge Protectors

August 9, 2020

During the warm and humid summers in Durham, ON, you count on your air conditioner for relief. However, you could suddenly be left without a cooling system if a nearby lightning strike causes a power surge. A malfunction of the electrical grid or an appliance within your own home could also cause a surge of electricity that affects the air conditioner. Read on to learn about five benefits of surge protectors for your home’s air conditioning system.

1. Avoid Air Conditioner Damage

Small surges of power cause minor amounts of damage. However, if your air conditioner’s motor and electronics experience frequent, small power surges, the damage accumulates. This will shorten the lifespan of the motor, control board, sensors, wiring and entire cooling system. By installing an AC surge protector at the AC unit or circuit breaker box, you can avoid the cumulative effects of minor power surges.

2. Prevent a Costly Repair

A single surge of power could take out the whole AC motor, wiring and circuitry. If the compressor motor is ruined, this is an expensive repair. If the system’s wiring and control panel are also burned to a crisp, the cost of replacing these components is almost the same as getting a new air conditioning system. Most power surge damage is not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, so you’d be on the hook for the entire repair bill. Even if you do have power surge insurance coverage for your home, your deductible would still apply. Installing an AC surge protector prevents you from needing to deal with a big repair bill or deductible payment.

3. Extend the Lifespan of Your Cooling System

Several small power surges could shorten your air conditioner’s lifespan. A well-maintained cooling system usually lasts for about 12 years until it needs to be replaced. A series of power surges could shorten that lifespan by several years. If a big power surge takes out the entire air conditioner, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t apply. You’d have to foot the replacement bill yourself. The installation of a simple AC surge protector could prevent the premature replacement of your air conditioning system. Since cooling systems cost several thousand dollars to replace, the small investment in the surge protector is a smart decision.

4. Lower Risk of Damage to Your Home

An AC surge protector can be installed at the main circuit breaker unit for the air conditioner or at the AC unit itself. If you choose to have one installed at the main circuit breaker, this protects your entire home from electrical damage. If the air conditioner itself gets struck by lightning, the electricity will flow through its wiring to your circuit breaker. Having a surge protector installed on the air conditioner’s dedicated circuit prevents that huge electrical surge from flowing through the rest of your home. This offers protection for all of your other electronics as well as your fixtures, wiring and the circuit breaker box itself. Surge protection installed at the breaker box lowers your risk of a house fire, too.

5. Prevent a Disruption to Your Comfort

A power surge that damages your air conditioner’s wiring, circuits or motor will disrupt your comfort. You won’t be able to use the air conditioner until it’s fixed. That’s where the technicians at Comfort Masters Ltd. come in. While we offer prompt repair service and have many parts in stock, it’s possible that our technicians would need to order replacement parts. You could end up waiting a few days. If the power surge happens during a summertime heatwave, your home could be uncomfortable while you wait. If the surge of power destroys your air conditioner, arranging for its replacement could take a week or two. The last thing you want during sweltering summer weather is to be without air conditioning for a week or longer. Having our technicians install a surge protector helps you avoid an unwelcome loss of air conditioning in your home.

At Comfort Masters Ltd., we can give you peace of mind with an AC surge protector installation. Our NATE-certified technicians are also ready to provide you with heating and air conditioning tune-up, repair and installation services. Homeowners in the Durham area also turn to us for air exchange and indoor air quality solutions, fireplaces, maintenance plans and tankless water heaters. For more details about AC surge protection for your home, contact us at Comfort Masters Ltd. today.