4 Warning Signs You Need AC Repair

May 22, 2019

As the heat of summer begins to set in, your home’s air conditioning system is likely going to be put to work. A faulty system is the last thing anyone wants when outside temperatures soar in the middle of summer. Some signs that your air conditioning system is not performing at its peak can include an insufficient flow of air, high humidity, warm air, and water puddles around the air conditioner. These can all be signs it is time to fix your air conditioning system. 1. Insufficient Airflow A sign that your home’s AC is not performing properly can be...

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Controlling Static Electricity in Your Home

May 2, 2019

understands how annoying it can be when you get shocked as you touch a doorknob or other metal object in your home. Static electricity builds up when free electrons gather on your body as you move over different surfaces. When there is humidity in the air, the moisture will constantly remove these electrons from your body and keep them from building up. In the winter, when the humidity tends to be lower, the electrons don’t get removed by moisture in the air. When you touch a metal surface, they’ll flow off of your body and cause a painful spark. Getting...

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Why Emergency 24/7 Repair Service Matters

April 10, 2019

When you contract with a company to handle the climate comfort systems of your Oshawa home, you expect certain things. You want a company with knowledgeable staff and affordable pricing. You want technicians who are professional and courteous. Another important consideration is whether that company offers 24/7 repair services. When a Repair Is Needed Even with the best maintenance, heating and cooling systems can fail. You may discover that a furnace burner is running constantly or an air conditioner never stops cycling. You may also notice an unexpected increase in your energy bill. Another common sign of a need for...

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How to Make Your Furnace More Efficient

April 1, 2019

Before the cold months arrive, you should take steps to ensure your furnace will operate efficiently throughout the winter. You don’t want to be surprised by a high energy bill. The most important steps you can take are getting an annual tune-up, improving your home’s insulation and changing the air filter periodically. Get an Annual Tune-Up One of the best things you can do is get an annual tune-up. It can save you a lot of money over the years of owning your furnace. A furnace that receives an annual tune-up is likely to last 15-20 years. Those that aren’t...

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