Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze Up?

May 13, 2021

Did you know that an air conditioner can freeze? A frozen AC doesn’t function optimally and might not blow any air. Hiring helps ensure the optimal functioning of your heating, cooling, and ventilation system. has been serving Oshawa, York, and Durban for over 15 years. Below are facts that will help you understand why air conditioners freeze up. How Does an AC Produce Cold Air? An AC unit has a coil featuring cold refrigerants. Warm air is required to keep the coils warm while blowing cold air into your indoor spaces. An air conditioner is fitted with indoor and outdoor...

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Benefits of AC Surge Protectors

August 9, 2020

During the warm and humid summers in Durham, ON, you count on your air conditioner for relief. However, you could suddenly be left without a cooling system if a nearby lightning strike causes a power surge. A malfunction of the electrical grid or an appliance within your own home could also cause a surge of electricity that affects the air conditioner. Read on to learn about five benefits of surge protectors for your home’s air conditioning system. 1. Avoid Air Conditioner Damage Small surges of power cause minor amounts of damage. However, if your air conditioner’s motor and electronics experience...

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Could Your AC Problem Be Caused By Your Thermostat?

May 11, 2020

Whenever your AC unit is undergoing some routine maintenance, do not overlook the importance of the thermostat. In fact, the thermostat is one of the most crucial components of your entire cooling system. Essentially, it is the device tasked with controlling the functionality of your AC unit. It determines the room temperature by measuring how hot or cold the surrounding air currents are. From there, it can regulate your indoor temperatures to your desired settings. However, if your thermostat is malfunctioning, the operation of your AC system will be in jeopardy. Many problems that your cooling unit is suffering from...

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Which AC System is Best for You?

July 17, 2019

People who move to Oshawa are often surprised by how hot it gets in the summer. They assume that since we’re in Canada, we have no need for air conditioning. But the fact is that our province gets summer temperatures that come close to 30 degrees Celsius. Most folks want air conditioning when it gets that hot. The professionals at are here to help customers choose the best types of AC system for their homes. Central Air A central air conditioning system is the most common type found in modern homes, especially homes that are larger. A central air conditioner...

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Is Your Old Air Conditioner Costing You More Money Every Month?

June 25, 2019

Every summer you run through the same scenario. Do you replace your old air conditioner or spend one more season making repairs? If it’s getting hotter and more humid in your area, that old air conditioner is probably shortchanging you on comfort. Even an old AC system that’s been maintained properly can’t meet today’s energy standards. Residential cooling systems have changed dramatically over the last decade. New air conditioners are worth the initial investment for many reasons. New Models are More Efficient Major manufacturers have adopted new technologies that dramatically increase the energy efficiency of their products. Compressors more than...

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4 Warning Signs You Need AC Repair

May 22, 2019

As the heat of summer begins to set in, your home’s air conditioning system is likely going to be put to work. A faulty system is the last thing anyone wants when outside temperatures soar in the middle of summer. Some signs that your air conditioning system is not performing at its peak can include an insufficient flow of air, high humidity, warm air, and water puddles around the air conditioner. These can all be signs it is time to fix your air conditioning system. 1. Insufficient Airflow A sign that your home’s AC is not performing properly can be...

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Why Emergency 24/7 Repair Service Matters

April 10, 2019

When you contract with a company to handle the climate comfort systems of your Oshawa home, you expect certain things. You want a company with knowledgeable staff and affordable pricing. You want technicians who are professional and courteous. Another important consideration is whether that company offers 24/7 repair services. When a Repair Is Needed Even with the best maintenance, heating and cooling systems can fail. You may discover that a furnace burner is running constantly or an air conditioner never stops cycling. You may also notice an unexpected increase in your energy bill. Another common sign of a need for...

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