Carbon Monoxide’s Impact on Indoor Air Quality

March 18, 2020

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas that’s created during the combustion of organic materials. The gas can enter the home from outside sources or occur inside the home from a fuel source. Home and business owners should regularly monitor their indoor air for the presence of carbon monoxide. Monitoring can help you prevent severe health issues for both humans and pets who live in or visit your environment. Knowing what CO is, how it gets in the air, and how to find it is necessary if you want to avoid getting sick. This quick guide can help you get started....

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What Are the Most Important Rooms to Have an Air Purifier in?

January 20, 2020

Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to get an air purification system in your home, but you don’t know where to put it. Let in Oshawa, ON, guide you in the process. Rooms Where You Smoke A good rule of thumb is to place an air purifier close to a source of pollution that needs to be controlled. Indoor smoke creates pollution in the form of fumes and particulates, so any room where smoke is generated is a candidate. Smoke can be created by several sources, including: Fireplaces Tobacco products Stoves Vaporizers and e-cigarettes Candles and burned incense Rooms Where Pets...

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Controlling Static Electricity in Your Home

May 2, 2019

understands how annoying it can be when you get shocked as you touch a doorknob or other metal object in your home. Static electricity builds up when free electrons gather on your body as you move over different surfaces. When there is humidity in the air, the moisture will constantly remove these electrons from your body and keep them from building up. In the winter, when the humidity tends to be lower, the electrons don’t get removed by moisture in the air. When you touch a metal surface, they’ll flow off of your body and cause a painful spark. Getting...

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