Do You Need Climate Control in Your Garage?

September 24, 2019

Newly constructed homes often have unfinished garages. That generally means no climate control, perhaps no insulation and maybe even a lack of drywall. So, many homeowners are faced with deciding if they need climate control in their garage.


If you have an attached garage that lacks insulation at the exterior walls, installing insulation is highly recommended in order to avoid extreme temperatures and improve energy efficiency for the entire home. As for detached garages, insulation may not be necessary, but it can make the space much more comfortable and reduce wear and tear on the structure as well as on your vehicles.

Heating and Cooling Units

Comfort Masters Ltd. provides a full range of heating and cooling services throughout the Greater Toronto area. We can install a stand-alone system in your garage or extend your current system. Climate control is not absolutely necessary. As long as the interior wall is well-insulated, the garage can be at ambient temperatures, but climate control can limit wear and tear and make the space more comfortable.

Humidity Control

Even if you do not opt for heating and/or air conditioning, you may want to consider humidity control. Such controls can avoid excess moisture in the space, which will avoid damage to the structure over time.

Climate Control for Personal Use

If you want to use the garage as a personal area—such as a workout space or play area for the kids—then we do generally recommend a ductless unit for the space. You may also want to consider air purification and humidity control.

Climate Control for Vehicles and Storage

Humidity control is a good choice if you plan to use your garage for long-term storage of personal possessions. You can also install temperature and humidity controls in your garage to ensure that your vehicles aren’t subject to wear and tear during storage.

Enhance Your Garage

Comfort Masters Ltd. proudly helps our customers ensure their comfort in their garages and throughout their homes. In addition to heating and cooling services, we are experts when it comes to gas fireplaces, tankless water heaters, and indoor air quality. Contact us today to learn more.