Maintenance Pricing Sheet

Comfort Masters Home Comfort Protection Plan

It’s easier and less costly to prevent a problem than to fix one. Your Comfort Masters Home Comfort Protection Plan gives you the security of knowing your Heating & Cooling system is always in prime working condition – and that you are covered if any sudden problems arise.

Your heating and cooling system is the most important machinery in your home, and probably the largest consumer of energy. However, many homeowners do not provide the regular attention it needs to operate trouble-free. When problems arise, the expense of repair or replacement can be overwhelming.

Every furnace and air conditioner manufacturer recommends ongoing routine maintenance. If you check your manufacturers owner’s manual and warranty fine print you’ll find homeowners are required to properly maintain their equipment or the warranty becomes void. A small investment in a Comfort Masters Home Comfort Protection Plan returns significant rewards.

An annual tune-up and professional cleaning of your system can identify and eliminate the most common problems before they have a chance to take a bite out of your budget. However, even the best maintenance can’t prevent all problems. So we give priority service to customers with Home Comfort Protection Plans, along with parts and labour coverage depending on the plan you choose.

When you enroll in a Comfort Masters Home Comfort Protection Plan, you’ll enjoy optimal system performance now, and lower operating costs down the road. Having a more efficient furnace and air conditioner means lower monthly utility bills and longer equipment life. This could save you thousands in premature replacements or repairs.

Enroll online or call us to enroll! See below for terms and conditions.

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General Terms and Conditions
Equipment covered by all plans:
  • Gas furnaces, boilers, air handlers, air conditioners, ductless air conditioners.
Billing & Payment:
  • Customer agrees to pay amount shown on this agreement at monthly intervals.
  • Applicable taxes will be added to all invoices.
  • Customer agrees to an annual contract, paid monthly
  • All amounts are due by the 1st of each month and will be paid by auto-withdrawal from the customer’s provided credit card.
  • Overdue payments will be charged at a rate of 2% ,compounded monthly.
  • If Customer’s payments are not up to date, service may be refused by Comfort Masters.
  • Payments are non-refundable.
Exclusions on all plans:
  • Work needed to bring equipment up to operating condition when plan is purchased and initiated.
  • Balancing of systems.
  • Bleeding of radiators.
  • AC leak tests.
  • Boiler system drainage and refill.
  • Unit casings.
  • Boiler heating sections.
  • Firebox/combustion chamber.
  • Complete unit replacement.
  • Unit not operating due to dirty filters.
  • Gas supply piping, manual shut off valves, ductwork, fire dampers, diverter and venting systems, water piping, radiator valves, airflow issues.
  • Electrical wiring and breakers.
  • Consumables including UV lights, steam bottles, filters and pads.
  • Humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, HRVs.
  • Removal of old equipment or asbestos.
  • Installation of chimney liners or chimney repairs.
  • Changes to existing system for code compliance or safety issues.
  • Diagnostic service, repair or part replacement due to a manufacturer’s recall.
  • Repairs due to accidental or deliberate damage, wildlife, theft, freezing weather conditions, structural repairs, lightning, explosion, earthquake, flood, storms, acts of God, war or other insurable risks.
  • Renovation related work.
  • If customer cancels prior to the anniversary date, any payments owing for the rest of the year become due and Comfort Masters may charge the Customer’s credit card the full amount.
  • Customer has the right to cancel within 10 days after the anniversary date. If Comfort Masters has completed any work within those 10 days, the Customer will be charged the full amount for any work performed.
  • If Customer moves from his/her residence, Customer agrees to pay the remaining balance owing for the rest of the year or at Comfort Masters’ option, we may credit the remaining balance to the equipment at your new residence (upon pre-inspection).
  • To maintain validity of this agreement, customer must operate equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions, employ only Comfort Masters to service/repair equipment, promptly notify Comfort Masters of any circumstances that affect equipment (flood, etc).
  • All plans require a pre-inspection performed by Comfort Masters to verify that equipment to be covered is in good operating condition at our standard service rates.
  • Comfort Masters reserves the right to discontinue the Home Comfort Protection Plan on any equipment at any time for any reason.
  • Equipment must be less than 15 years old to qualify for a Comfort Masters Home Comfort Protection Plan.
  • This agreement will automatically renew on the anniversary date.
  • The services covered by this agreement will be scheduled during regular working hours, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday except holidays. Emergency service and/or weekend scheduling is available for a small fee.
  • Repairs required beyond those provided by this agreement will be brought to Customer’s attention and if approved, will be billed at the regular rates.
  • Comfort Masters will maintain a complete record of all maintenance and repairs and will provide a report upon completion of any work.
  • 15% discount on repairs applies to parts & labour only. Discount does not apply to diagnostic or administrative costs.

Contact us today for more information about our maintenance plans!