Preparing Your Air Conditioner to Face the Summer Heat

June 13, 2021
AC Summer Preparation in Oshawa, ON L1H 5K3

When summer comes to Oshawa, the hot temperatures will make your house uncomfortable quickly. Even with the breeze off Lake Erie, you want your air conditioning system to be ready for the challenge. At Comfort Masters Ltd., our team is proud to provide AC maintenance for the greater Toronto area. However, there are several steps you can take to get the best performance from your cooling system this summer.

Check Your Thermostat

There is nothing worse than powering up your system and being greeted with silence. Before you panic, you might want to check your thermostat. During the mild spring, you may not have had either your heating or cooling system running. Solving your problem may be as simple as replacing a spent battery.

Replace the Filters

The filters in your comfort systems capture dust as air flows through your home. When they become clogged, it slows the passage of air. Your system will have to work harder to pull air through the house, which will lower its efficiency.

Some home climate systems have two places for filters. You will want to replace the filters near the air handler and the return air register. Fortunately, changing the filters is a simple operation. All you need to do is open the register, take out the older filter and put in a new one.

Clean Around the Condenser

Homeowners often place the outdoor condenser unit on a less noticeable part of the property. However, putting the condenser out of the way does not mean you can neglect it. If grass and weeds grow up around it, they will reduce airflow and system efficiency. Before the summer begins, give the area a good cleaning. Remove any fallen leaves and cut down weeds or other plants. You may need to repeat this process a couple of times during the summer season.

Care for the Condenser Coils

Getting the best performance from your air conditioner requires sufficient airflow. Because it is outside, the condenser is subject to the harsh conditions of Canadian winters. A simple step in the fall can prevent problems the following summer. After you turn off the system at the end of the cooling season, cover your condenser with a secure tarp. This protective layer will prevent dust, leaves and other debris from getting into the condenser coils.

When the system runs, water coats these coils. This moisture makes them prone to gathering layers of dust and pollen. You can use a soft brush to clean the coils. However, the condenser fins are fragile and bend easily. You may need to use a special fin comb to straighten out the fins and maximize the condensing surface.

Many homeowners find cleaning the coils to be an arduous task. One of the advantages of scheduling an AC maintenance appointment with Comfort Masters Ltd. is that we will take care of this for you. Our team arrives with the necessary tools to clean up your air conditioner both inside and out. Taking advantage of this service will save you time and give you peace of mind.

Check the Coolant Lines

The coolant lines connect the indoor parts of the system to the outdoor condenser. For increased efficiency, most homeowners use an insulated covering on these pipes. However, with the wide range of temperatures in Oshawa, this covering can become brittle and fall off over time. A quick visual inspection will show you if you need to replace the insulation.

Test the Unit

Before the real summer heat arrives, you want to test the unit and make sure everything runs smoothly. It is helpful to have a professional carry out this step. Unless you are an HVAC specialist, you probably do not know how to diagnose an air conditioner problem. When we come to your home for an AC tune-up, we often have the parts we need to fix common problems. Also, with one of our maintenance plans, we offer a discount for repairs that happen during this service appointment.

Work With an Air Conditioner Professional

Comfort Masters Ltd. is the team Oshawa and the greater Toronto area trust with air conditioner maintenance, installation and repair. If you ever have a problem with your cooling system, we are ready to help. We are also the company to depend on for heating systems, indoor air quality and tankless water heaters. To learn more about our year-round comfort solutions and affordable maintenance plans, contact us today.