The Biggest Reasons Your Heating Bill is Too High

December 18, 2019

Having a high heating bill can really cool down your holiday spirit. Don’t let that happen to you. If you know the reasons that it might happen, you can prevent high heating bills by doing simple things to prepare. Here are the biggest reasons that your heating bill is too high.

Keeping the Heat on When You’re Not Home

Too many people forget to change the temperature when they leave for the day. This means that they are keeping an empty house warm. This is a waste of money. It’s a good idea to lower the temperature when you leave. You don’t want to turn the heat all the way off, but lowering it will help save you money. Try using an automated thermometer to make it easier on yourself. The automated thermometer will change the temperature at the programmed time without you needing to do anything.

HVAC System Not Running at Full Efficiency

As HVAC systems get older, they won’t work as well as they once did. One of the ways to resolve this is to get regular maintenance once a year from a professional. Call the people at Comfort Masters Ltd. to schedule an appointment for maintenance today. We service York, Durham and the Simcoe regions in Ontario, Canada. You should also do regular maintenance yourself. For example, you can change the filter of your HVAC system every couple of months.

Insulate Your Home

Your home needs proper insulation. The insulation is the material in the wall and ceiling to help keep the cold air outside. You should also pay attention to the doors and windows. You can add weather stripping to the windows, and you can also use special-grade glass and doors specifically made to keep your home insulated.

You want to keep your utility bills as low as possible, and the winter can cause the bills to go up significantly. Use these tips to help keep the costs low. Contact Comfort Masters Ltd. in Oshawa to learn more. We are happy to provide heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services.