The Best Ways to Heat a Garage

March 18, 2021
Garage Heater

Whether you like to tinker with your car, do woodworking, or simply use your garage as a getaway from other household members, you’ll want the space to be heated during the long, cold winters in York, ON. Most garages aren’t connected to a home’s central heating and cooling system, but there are cost-effective ways to ensure that the space is warm. Heating your garage can also benefit your vehicle and the other items stored in the structure. Here are seven of the best ways to heat your garage.

1. Electric Forced-Air Heater

An electric forced-air heater can be mounted on your garage’s ceiling or wall. It’s like a big hairdryer. It uses electric resistance wires. When current flows through the wires, they get hot. A fan blows air across the wires. The hot air circulates through your garage. This is a good solution if you like to watch the Maple Leafs play hockey while relaxing in your garage. However, the air current from these heaters may blow dust and dirt around, so it might not be the best if you do a lot of painting in the space.

2. Convection Heater

Convection heaters are an affordable solution for space-heating needs. They work like a convection oven. If you choose an electric unit, you’ll benefit from its portability. There are also convection heaters powered by gas. If you choose that type, it will be fixed in place. You’ll need to have a professional install it and connect it to your home’s natural gas line.

3. Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless heating and cooling systems are an excellent way to keep your York garage comfortable all year long. If you spend a lot of time painting or doing auto-detailing work, this is a great solution. There’s one indoor unit, which can be mounted onto the wall or ceiling. There’s also an outdoor unit. One pipe connects the two units. These systems offer a fast and easy installation. They’re energy-efficient because no heated or cooled air is lost to leaky ducts.

4. In-Floor Heating

If the cold concrete hurts your feet, in-floor heating is an option. This works best if it’s installed at the time your garage is built. However, it is possible to do a retrofit of an in-floor heating system. These radiant heating systems are excellent if you work on cars and spend a lot of time near the floor of your garage.

5. Electric Ceiling Panels

Electric ceiling panels also use resistance wires. If your garage functions as a retreat, these panels are a wise choice. They look like ceiling tiles. They’re only 2.5-centimeters thick, and they’re designed to blend in with other types of ceilings. They keep your floor and wall space clear, so you’ll have more room for storage and movement. These panels heat up and cool quickly, which is ideal if you only have an hour or two at a time to work or relax in your garage.

6. Infrared Heater

Infrared heaters use a low-intensity tube with infrared light. This type of heat passes through objects first, so it may take a while to warm you up. The units are powered by electricity, and they’ll need their own circuit in your breaker box. An infrared heater radiates heat through space, and they’re usually mounted on the ceiling. If you’re the type who spends a whole day every weekend in your garage, this could be a good solution. After an hour or two, you’ll be warm and all the metal items will have warmed a little, too.

7. Add Insulation

No matter what type of heating system you choose for your garage, make sure the garage’s walls and roof have enough insulation. If they don’t, all the hot air will leak outdoors. You may also want an insulated garage door. Consider adding weatherstripping and caulk around the door and window frames. These products reduce unwanted air exchange with the outdoors.

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