The Pro and Cons of Air Purifiers

July 14, 2020

Many people spend most of their time indoors. This unfortunately means a lot of potential exposure to indoor pollutants and particles that can induce respiratory conditions. There are numerous ways to handle air pollutants, but one of the best solutions is an air purifier. These are electrically powered gadgets that work in multiple ways to eliminate airborne impurities. In this post, we will look at the pros and cons of having an air purifier in your home.

Benefit 1: They eliminate all kinds of debris and dust particles.

Dust particles can bring about some allergies or other health problems. When they are eliminated from your indoor air completely, you can enjoy clean and pure air. Generally, an air purifier comes with a precision rate of around 99.9%. This means it can eliminate almost all forms of dust particles present in the air.

Benefit 2: They help you breathe easily.

Having pets or a person who smokes in the family can bring about various harmful particles and odours that will contaminate your indoor air and even affect individuals with allergies. An air purifier is useful in eliminating pet dander, smoke, dust particles, and allergens, among other air pollutants. It helps you to enjoy easier breathing, particularly if you have allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory condition.

Benefit 3: They improve your skin.

An air purifier can help your skin in many different ways. Even if you are using the best products to deal with acne, the air you breathe significantly affects skin condition. Here are some of the ways an air purifier benefits your skin.

It prevents acne breakouts: According to research studies, more than 80% of individuals between 11 and 30 years of age normally experience acne breakouts. Acne and skin rashes can result due to air pollution. This occurs when pollen, dust mites, bacteria, and many other pollutants clog or block the pores, bringing about pimples. Having a good air purifier will make it pretty easy to eliminate all these pollutants from your indoor air.

It enhances the appearance of your skin: Using moisturizers and skincare products may not offer you the best results if dust mites and bacteria interfere with their performance. Using an air purifier in your home is essential because it boosts the efficacy of beauty products, which improves your skin.

It reduces skin dullness and allergies: Air contaminants can change the tone of your skin or lead to allergies and other respiratory conditions. Of course, allergies often lead to swollen, puffy skin. An air purifier can help you cut down on the costs of medicated lotions that help in combating sore skin and rashes.

It delays skin aging: Using an air purifier at home can decelerate skin aging. That is because these devices eliminate all the free-flowing radicals originating from dust, cigarette smoke, or air pollution. Also, burning some carbon materials can produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that can lead to sagging of the skin. Having an air purifier will keep your indoor air clean, helping you look younger for longer.

Drawback 1: They require regular maintenance.

If you’ve got air purifiers that utilize re-usable containers and plates to collect air contaminants, you should clean them regularly. This can be quite tedious for those who like to avoid household chores. On the bright side, most of the models you will find on the market utilize disposable or replaceable filters. However, that means you will have to invest money every year in purchasing new filters.

Drawback 2: Ozone units generate ozone gas.

Ozone air purifiers emit ozone gas. Unfortunately, exposure to this gas can be harmful to the lungs and lead to coughs, chest pain, and shortness of breath. If you have asthma or any other respiratory illness, avoid using ozone air purifiers.


Overall, having an air purifier can boost your family’s quality of life by improving your indoor air. If you have any questions about the appropriate air purifier for your needs, you can speak to our team of air purification professionals at Comfort Masters Ltd.. We also provide professional installation services for new units and repair services for any broken or underperforming units. Our knowledgeable team of experts can handle any issue regarding heating and cooling as well as air contaminants. Call our office today to learn more. We serve clients in Oshawa, Newmarket, Orillia, Muskoka, and Burlington.