Thermostat Reading the Wrong Temperature?

August 19, 2019

You’re feeling warm, but the thermostat inside your home says the temperature indicates your cooling system is on full blast. Is your thermostat reading the wrong temperature? Is your air conditioning system acting up? Here’s how to figure out what could be going on with your thermostat.

How Does a Thermostat Work?

Mechanical thermostats communicate with your air conditioning system by means of two bimetallic strips. The metals expand and contract in response to air temperature changes. When they expand, they activate a switch that triggers a flow of current either into your cooling system or into your heating system.

Digital thermostats regulate household temperatures using a device called a thermistor, which is a specialized electric resistor that’s extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Troubleshooting Your Thermostat

There are many reasons why your thermostat could be registering an incorrect temperature:

  • Broken sensor
  • Thermostat isn’t level
  • Thermostat is near a direct source of heat or cold
  • Interior of the thermostat is dirty
  • Interior wiring is frayed

A Professional Fix

As your thermostat ages, its electrical wiring may begin to fray. Fraying wires fail to make complete connections. This may be a sign that it’s time to replace your thermostat. When you need a thermostat replacement, Comfort Masters Ltd. is here to serve you.

Occasionally, you can fix a faulty thermostat sensor by recalibrating the unit, but often you may need to replace the sensor completely. Mechanical thermostats won’t function properly unless they are completely level since the switches triggered by the expanding and contracting bimetallic strips function a lot like a pulley system.

If your thermostat is located in an area of your home that’s affected by temperature shifts, the signals it sends to your heating and cooling systems won’t be accurate. Dust can accumulate within your thermostat just as it can accumulate on any other surface inside your home. If the dust is not removed, it can cause the sensors and wires inside your thermostat to malfunction.

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