Going on Vacation? Adjust Your AC Before You Leave

July 13, 2021
Vacation AC Settings in Oshawa, ON

Before you go for your vacation, it is essential to plan how you’ll leave the air conditioning system in your home. In this article, we will explore the benefits of keeping your AC running. You will also learn how to determine the ideal temperature settings.

Why You Should Keep Your AC Running

To regulate temperatures and prevent damage to valuables in your home, you may need to keep your AC running. Excess heat can warp wooden floors, bend door frames, and weaken structural components. It is particularly critical in summer or during a heatwave.

The other reason to keep the AC running is to control humidity and prevent condensation in the summer. Moisture can trigger multiple problems, including biological growth in the attic and drywall.

Early in the year, the weather in Ontario is humid, with levels going up to 90%. If humidity levels go above 55%, microbes will grow, and parasitic insects will spread. The moisture and condensation may impact your indoor air quality and overall comfort.

The Ideal Temperature Settings

The ideal temperature setting is the level that does not overwork your AC but still prevents damage. Generally speaking, it should be 10 degrees lower than your day-to-day thermostat setting. For example, you can lower the thermostat from 210 Centigrade (700 Fahrenheit) to 160 Centigrade (610 Fahrenheit).

The lower temperatures can help you save energy while you are away. Despite the misconceptions, the power you need to reheat the building is equal to the heat lost the AC was turned down. As such, the longer it is at lower temperatures, the more energy savings you’ll experience.

Consider the Duration of Your Stay

The length of your vacation is a factor that will inform the ideal thermostat settings. If you’re going to be away for a couple of days, it is best to leave the AC running. While it may consume energy, it will keep humidity under control, especially when it’s hot and muggy in Ontario.

If you decide to keep the AC running, minimize the sources of ambient heat. That way, you will manage the energy consumption and ensure the interior is comfortable when you return.

For vacations lasting more than a week, we recommend turning the thermostat down rather than switching off the system. A programmable device is the most efficient way to regulate temperatures and manage energy consumption. You can consult Comfort Masters Ltd. in Oshawa for a breakdown of the options to enhance home comfort.

Programming Your Thermostat for Energy-Savings

Both high and low temperatures can cause extensive damage to your home. Switching off the air conditioner is, therefore, often not advisable. You can get optimum comfort and energy savings by using a programmable device.

For example, a smart thermostat can keep the AC running at a low temperature for several days. A day before your return, the device will increase temperatures to the usual settings. That way, your home will be cozy when you need to unwind after a long trip.

A smart thermostat can also control humidity. The paint on your wall can peel due to high levels of moisture. Your smart device will ensure humidity levels stay below the recommended 50%.

With Wi-Fi capabilities, you can watch over the interior conditions of your home. If there is a storm or a sudden change of weather, you can make adjustments remotely. It makes for a more convenient approach to temperature regulation, whether you are away or at home.

Other Considerations for Energy Savings

Besides adjusting your thermostat, there are other ways you can save energy while maintaining comfort. While you are away, make sure you close the blinds to stop heat from the sun from heating up your space.

The efficiency of your home will also determine your air conditioner’s power consumption. You can arrange for an energy audit to establish if there are leaks or insulation problems. Cracks around your doors and windows can force your air conditioner to overwork.

Also, unplug all electronics that are on stand-by. Electronics like portable devices and computers can generate substantial amounts of heat. Your AC will end up running for longer than is necessary. Those appliances will also consume what electricians refer to as phantom power. That is the electrical energy that goes into powering electronics that are not in use.

High temperatures above 80 degrees can distress any animals you leave in the house. If you have pets, you should consider leaving your AC on at the usual temperatures.

Need Help With Your AC?

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