Who Invented Air Conditioning?

April 14, 2021
Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is a modern amenity that is becoming increasingly common throughout the world, even in rural areas of developing countries. For most of us, it is hard to imagine a life without an air conditioner. We might take the air conditioner for granted, but there was a time when humans did not have the luxury of this device. They had to improvise different ways to keep the temperature and humidity under control. No one in history had developed a device that was efficient, cost-effective, and practical in controlling the indoor environment. The impact of the invention of the modern air conditioner went beyond just providing comfort to the people. It was a revolutionary product for the manufacturing world and allowed the rise of several types of industries and products.

How Was the Air Conditioner Invented?

The person behind the invention of the air conditioner was Willis H. Carrier, who was a young engineer working for an engineering firm named Buffalo Forge in the state of New York. Carrier was born in 1876 in Angola, NY, and went to Cornell University, where he graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. In his second year with Buffalo Forge, he was assigned a task to find a solution for a local printing press that had approached Buffalo Forge for a solution for its factory. This printing press was struggling with the high humidity and temperature, which was causing problems with ink during the printing process.

Carrier developed a system that had chilled water running through copper coils. This concept of the device was that the chilled water would absorb heat from the indoors and then circulate to the outdoor unit where it would release the heat to the surroundings. This concept of Carrier remains the fundamental model of air conditioners in the modern world. The device was installed at the printing press along with a series of other devices such as fans and motors. The water needed for the system was obtained from a nearby well. The device delivered outstanding results in reducing the humidity and temperature of the air at the printing press.

The Success of the Air Conditioner

The successful implementation of the air conditioner at the paper mill made several other companies also want to use the air conditioner at their manufacturing plants and warehouses. Encouraged by the sales of the air conditioner, Buffalo Forge formed the Carrier Air Conditioning Company subsidiary. For the next few years, sales rose exponentially. The air conditioner was sold internationally to different industries. World War I saw the world economy go into a recession disrupting the rise of the air conditioner. Carrier had to found his own company named Willis Carrier Corporation when Buffalo Forge decided to close its subsidiary. Carrier’s company continued the remarkable growth in the sales of the air conditioner. The air conditioner was extremely successful in cinemas and movie theatres, which experienced an unprecedented surge in customers.

The air conditioner we know today has gone through a series of improvements in features and technology, but the basic model of Carrier’s invention remains the same. If it wasn’t for Carrier, the world would have to wait for the air conditioner to be invented. People would have to wait to live comfortably in hot and humid conditions, and for those types of products to be developed that required a controlled environment.

Carrier was not just an engineering genius who invented a brilliant device. He was determined to make the air conditioner a successful product and to allow his invention to reach millions of people. It was his unwavering determination that made sure the air conditioner survived the turbulent times. The air conditioner of Carrier has passed the test of time.

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